Sunday, September 14, 2014

The importance of dyelots

My mother-in-law asked me to make her a cardigan. After some searching she settled on the Ecuador Design by Joji Locatelli. It was in part the design that won her over, but also the colour of the yarn that was used in that design. That yarn is Malabrigo sock yarn in colourway Indecieta.

In a not-so-smart moment, I decided to source said yarn from Ravelry destashes - 1 skein here, 1 skein there... you get the picture. Here's the result :)

Ecuador - Indecieta

In fairness I knew exactly what I was purchasing. It just struck me as fascinating that one colourway could have radically different skeins. There will be some serious alternating of skeins, to get something that looks similar to the original design :)))

Have you experienced anything similar with your knits?

Anyhoo, I started the back panel with the skein that was a closest match to the picture on the pattern. It turned out really nice. Next up, I'll be knitting around, while juggling my Indecieta family of skeins :)

Ecuador - Back

This first step was the perfect knit in what has been an exhausting week at work. Stocking stitch... can't beat it for some winding down and relaxation at the end of a day. The other project that has been keeping me entertained this week is the Christmas stocking that I mentioned in my last post. The colours in this are glorious.

Shepherd's Bush Stocking

Hope you are have had a lovely (and restful) weekend.
Sam x


jody said...

omg those are some seriously varying skeins of the same colorway! i hope you can make it work.

Chrisknits said...

I can't believe that yellow skein is really the right colorway. Must be someone's mistake. But I do love the colors.

Victoria said...

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was having similar problems matching Malabrigo skeins. My LYS owner told me that their dye lots were were composed of only 8 skeins. I got very lucky and found something close - don't think I'm skilled enough to manage your shades. That yellow one is gorgeous!

Wens said...

Wow weird those colour variations! They're all lovely though! I'm sure it will be a great cardi :)

Nicky said...

It's hard to believe that they are all the same colourway but they're beautiful though. You're an excellent crafter so I know you'll make them work. Hope work isn't too exhausting right now.

Karen said...

Okay, I found the sweater you're working on. Good luck with the dyelots. I've never been in that situation, but I've had to juggle skeins from the same lot that were lighter or darker!