Saturday, March 15, 2014

Voile Infinity Scarf

A good friend had a birthday recently and I wanted to make her a little something to mark the day.  She loves to wear scarves and I thought she'd like an infinity scarf.
Infinity scarf

I used the directions from the Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 scarf... but instead of using velveteen, I used voile on both sides.
Infinity scarf

Voile is such a lovely fabric:  Lightweight, soft and with a silky feel. 
Silly me had no idea how to pronounce 'Voile' when going into one of my local fabric stores... but figured that it must have a fancy pronunciation for such a fancy fabric.  So there I was asking for where they stocked their 'Vwaaahhl'.  Of course the lady looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears.  Lesson learned:  Voile is pronounced like foil, but with a V.  Which sounds nowhere near as sophisticated in my northern English accent :)))

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,


Katiebee said...

*lol* your pronunciation of voile reminds me a trip to our bulk store to purchase some quinoa...i said, quin noah...he smiled and said "keen wah" yes, yes that's it!
it's a lovely scarf & a cute story...although neither as cute as naomi~



Andi said...

:) Beautiful scarf!

Chrisknits said...

I think that picture is adorable!! LOL. Beautiful scarf, it will be well loved.

jody said...

i like the idea of voile for both sides - i'll bet it's so drapey and flowy. and you know i love that solid back color :)

StarSpry said...

Beautiful scarf, Sam! I made the Figure 8 scarf for my MIL for Christmas, but I'd love to make a full voile scarf, too. I wasn't sure how to pronounce voile, either :) Super cute pic of Naomi!

Monica said...

That is a lovely scarf Sam! And Naomi is ready for the cover of a magazine. Love her pose :-)