Sunday, March 02, 2014

Happy March

February flew by, didn't it.  The 2nd month of New Year resolutions... how did you do?

For me, the health related resolutions took a back seat this month.  Must do better:  My goal weight/size date is 2 months today.  The target is still doable... if I work hard at it.  I need to get my butt in gear!  ;o))

I have been making reasonably good progress on the crafty resolutions, but ultimately they are still out of kilter:  intake is exceeding output :)

  • I completed another 3 squares for the Berties (hospice) Blanket (in addition to the square from last month that is also included in the photo below.)  I've found a local hospice who are eager to get their hands on these knit blankets, so trying to get this completed ASAP.
Sam: BB Squares
  • And there was Naomi's pink sweater dress (which I am totally counting even though my Mum did a bunch of the work... but using yarn from my stash... so that counts, right?  :o)))
  • I also started a cute baby sweater using stash yarn
Cashmere Feb Baby Sweater
  • However, I've also picked up a couple of skeins of sock yarn including Skein sock in La Mer (yup, still need to cancel that subscription)
  • Handspun sock hop yarn (so pretty!)
Handspun sock
  • Hello Yarn sock
Hello Yarn

moving swiftly on...

  • On the output front, there's the monster bags that I just blogged about.  And although I purchased about 5 yards for some of the monsters, I also used about 10 yards from stash.  So all-in-all pretty good going there.
  • There is the 2nd converging corners square that I made for a quilt guild swap
Converging Corners
  • And 3 stained glass squares that I made for a WIP quilt for Naomi
My 3 stained glass squares

Stained Glass WIP
  • I've also signed up to do the Local Quilt from Carolyn Friedlander with our local quilt guild.  I picked the following from my stash, and only needed to pick up an extra yard (ish) for the blue dots that will form the sky.  Good intentions here too :)
The Local Quilt - Supplies

Cross Stitch:
  • I am far behind on the cross stitch front
  • Jan, Feb and March installments for Once Upon a Time are in.  I have the materials needed (and they are so pretty) but haven't yet started
Supplies for Once Upon a Time
  • Jan-March are also in for the frosty forest, and my January block is still in progress. 
Frost Forest - January WIP
  • To end on a positive note :)  I did get my 12 days of Christmas back from the framers this weekend, and oh my, I am in love!  I've liked everything about this project - the design, the materials, the theme... and now the framing! 
Framed 12 Days

Well, thats it for me today.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,
Sam xxx


Katiebee said...

you are doing & have done beautiful projects sam! can't wait to see the socks from the lovely pink yarn~ your quilts ....oh my, beautiful! is the cross stitch frosted pumpkin? adorable!!!!!

SewAmy said...

I love the colors in your '12 Days of Christmas' and your frame is perfect.

jody said...

i think you're making great progress! those monster bags are a hugs accomplishment!

now for the acquisitions - LOVE that Sock Hop yarn but i'm sure that's no surprise to you.

Chrisknits said...

Everything is so lovely, is that the EZ sweater in the pink? I love that sweater. Must remember to work it in for upcoming babies!

Kim said...

So inspiring, Sam! I love seeing what you are up to :)

I love the converging corners quilt blocks--I have seen a couple of these quilts online and they all look great. Naomi's quilt is too cute.