Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year?
Ours was lovely - the first year where Naomi really started to get excited about Santa coming to visit, and enjoying all the attention from visitors.  We've been busy here with family visiting and also a couple of little get togethers.  But the last set of folks left yesterday and so I'm starting to get caught up here and on all of your blogs.  I can't wait to read what you've all been up to.

I thought I'd start the New Year with a re-cap of 2012 projects.  In pulling the pictures together, I was a little stunned at how many projects I'd cranked out in 2012.  Granted most of these are smaller projects... but still... It was a good crafty year:

There were the gift knits:

 2012 gift knits

As you can see, I worked up a couple more of the Phydeaux Twist Cowls for some of the ladies at daycare. What I left off this piccie are the 8 pairs of plitters (felted clogs) that were requested and completed this year - everything from Santa Slippers, Miami Dolphins slippers and UCF Team Spirit slippers. All good fun and keeping loved ones' toes toasty and warm!

And of course there were the charity knits - a couple of Project Love hats for kids. But closest to my heart is the beginning of Bertie's Blankets. I've already started to receive a couple of squares from you (Thank you soo much), and have added to this 6 sock yarn and 4 aran weight squares of my own. I'll be dedicating a lot of my crafty time in these first few months of the year to completing the 3 Bertie's Blankets that we have started.

In addition to gift and charity knits, I'd also created a few little things for the 3 of us. Not surprisingly Naomi has been the main recipient :)

2012 knits for Joe2012 knits for me

Then there is the sewing... I really got stuck into sewing, quilting and needlepoint this last year:

2012 sewn clothes  2012 quilts

I finished a Sherbet Pips quilt for Naomi. My 2nd quilt ever. And started 3 more - Swoon, Farmers wife, and a quilt for Mum. The quilt for Mum is my other area of focus over the next few months. I was hoping to have it completed by now, but hit a little roadbump that caused me to put it aside for a few weeks.

  2012 misc sewing2012 needlepoint

Whew!  Lets see what 2013 brings.  I'm thinking Berties Blankets, Mum's quilt and then perhaps some sweaters.  Certainly those that have been laying around in the WIP pile for far too long.
What crafty plans do you have for 2013?

Wishing you the very best for this New Year,
Big hugs,


jody said...

Wow! You've had quite a 2012! It must feel good to see all those pics up there together. Everything is so beautiful.

I can't wait to see what you cook up for 2013.

Kepanie said...

What pretty, bright, and fun projects you've collaged here! So many accomplishments. Good for you. Hai oli makahiki hou.

Nicky said...

You were a crafting machine in 2012!!! Can't wait to see what you'll get up to in 2013!

Happy New Year!!!

Wens said...

Wow! It's such an awesome thing to put images of everything you made all together. What an impressive amount of work Sam! You make me wish I could knit. So many lovely things. Cheers to a happy, productive 2013 :)

StarSpry said...

You had such a wonderful crafty year in 2012! I hope I can be half as crafty this year :)