Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Preparations

You may have guessed this about me already:  I think Christmas is wonderful!  I love everything about it, but mostly the heartwarming, uplifting feeling at this time of year.  I also love the preparations:  Seeking out the special gifts, decorating the tree and crafting! 

First to be completed on the crafting front is another pair of felted slippers for my brother - he wanted them in classic red and white Santa colours :)))  They were completed while he was visiting this last week.  He's probably the #1 (and yet most unlikely) fan of these felted slippers, or what we call 'plitters' - a name I used as a toddler because I couldn't pronounce slippers.

Then there is Naomi's santa hat.  I'd made this for her last year, but one day came home to find Bruno - who was a brand new pup at the time - had taken a shine to it and decided it would make a great chew toy! Tsk tsk tsk.
chewed christmas hat collage

Thankfully the areas that took the brunt were the pom pom and the white band at the bottom (he must have a thing for the bulky weight alpaca yarn!).  When Joe pulled his Santa hat out of the closet the other day, Naomi was asking me where her's was... so that became the next priority for completion :)  Look how tickled she is with her reworked hat!


Well worth the effort. And of course her best friend is forgiven :)

This evening we also worked on paper chains together.  Remember those - 1" wide strips of paper that you'd glue into circles and string together.  Naomi really enjoyed helping out with these.  She was armed with the glue stick, while I was chief assembler of the chain.  We now have garlands draped over various pictures in the house.  I wouldn't have thought about making the paper chains - it was my sister that gifted me a book with patterned paper and guidelines for paper chains, snowflakes, woven hearts and angels!  Such a great idea!

Making Paper Chains

Hope you are having fun on the run up to Christmas too.

PS - We are making great progress on Bertie's Blankets, thank to you, my lovely friends. Big hugs to you xxx


Monica said...

That is the cutest "Santa" I've seen in a while! I love Christmas as so much more special to mus nowthat we have a toddler in the house! Have a great day Sam.

Kepanie said...

Oh she is such a darling with a big heart. I loved everything about this post. And the fact that your brother totally appreciates the felted slippers? What a gem he is.

StarSpry said...

I love Christmas, too! Naomi looks so adorable in her Santa hat :) I'm glad it was a pretty easy fix after Bruno's "playing"! And how fun that you and Naomi get to make Christmas decorations together!

Ginx Craft said...

Very cute row of slippers.