Friday, October 05, 2012

"Do Something Nice" Day

Did you know that today was 'Do Something Nice Day'?  I love that there is a day on the calendar to remind us of the importance of doing something nice for others, and for ourselves.  It should be a daily mantra, and yet sometimes it can be too easy to just think the nice thought, instead of speaking the kind words, or acting out a sweet idea.

Did you do something nice today?

I decided to express my thanks to the lovely folks at Naomi's daycare who take such wonderful care of her, and are helping her grow to be a lovely and smart little lady. 

Lots of choccies

First I googled for free 'teacher appreciation' printables and found one that fit the bill perfectly over at Bitsycreations web site:  It takes a BIG heart to shape little minds.  I simply printed these from the web and used them to decorate boxes of choccies that we handed out at daycare this morning.


A simple gesture, but very well received.

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds

Interestingly, another opportunity to do something nice landed on my lap this morning.  Well, in my email account.  A couple of very dear friends alerted me to a worthwhile cause that is looking for volunteer knitters.  The charity is called Project of Love and they started by knitting chemo caps for children, but have since expanded to include knitting hats for children in shelters.  You can read all about it on their blog site.  I love that Betty (their "CEO" as she jokes) signs off her intro post with "Nothing is by Chance".  Isn't that the truth!

If you too want to help, take a look at the link to their blog and email Betty to get involved.  (Think of all those leftover sock yarns and sweater yarns that you could put to good use, and get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you did something nice :)  And for my local knitterly friends, if you want to get involved, I can happily round up donations and do a bulk mailing.

Have a lovely weekend,
And to my local friends, stay warm!


Wens said...

How very thoughtful! It's true it should almost be a daily reminder. What cute little packages.

Oiyi said...

That is a wonderful and thoughtful gesture!

Kepanie said...

Oh you are such a sweet dear! As a former teacher, I know they appreciated those treats from your little one and the ohana.

StarSpry said...

Naomi looks so adorable! What a sweet gesture; I bet she was happy to hand them out to the people at daycare :) Project of Love sounds like a wonderful cause.