Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Curio Quilt - WIP

One of the projects that I've been working on this last month is a Curio Quilt for (and with) Mum.

Mum has been talking about redecorating her bedroom for a little while and asked if I'd be interested in making a quilt for her.  Well, of course!  We created a board on Pinterest to start gathering and sharing our thoughts for what the quilt could look like.  The ideas evolved and we eventually settled on the curio quilt, using lots of bright fabrics from Kaffe Fasset and Westminster Fibers. 

Pretty Kaffe Fassett Fabrics

One of the things I love about this quilt pattern is how we've been able to feature some of the big floral prints in the larger squares.  It's also fun to see how one fabric can make many different looking squares and +s.

Big squares

Lots of +'s

It's been really nice having Mum here to work on this with me.  She's been cutting, ironing and laying out the squares.  (Oh yes and chief mathematician behind calculating how to upsize the quilt from it's written size, to fit a King size bed).

We didn't get as far as I would have liked while she was here - I would have liked to have had all the +s completed for her to layout.  But we did make excellent progress in the time we had together.  I am missing my worker bee :)  Naomi did insist on helping the other day... but lets just say that was not a boost to productivity :)))

Layout - wip

So: 244 +s completed now.  I think another 100 or so to go.  I better get a move on:
1.  My brother painted her bedroom whilst she was here, and now Mum is eager to get the new room together (my saving grace - she still has new carpet to lay in there)
2.  Joe is eager to host a party in the basement, and that isn't allowed as the basement floor has become the layout zone for the quilt.  It cannot be moved.
3.  My brother is coming to visit later in the year, and I'd love to be able to send this back with him. But, erm, need to clear this with him first.

Sewing the +s

More to come,
Sam xxx


Kepanie said...

My gosh that will be so beautiful. I love how you offset the florals w/white.

Judy said...

OMG this is fabulous. Itis coming Long very well.

Wens said...

Wow! It's lovely! Great fabrics and beautiful layout!