Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vesper Scrappy Socks

Ooh I do love finishing a project.  There's a sense of achievement that just makes me really happy.  The added bonus is that I'm pleased with the outcome.  And what's not to be pleased with... gotta love a cosy pair of handknit socks that have such a jolly vibe to them.

Vespa scrappy socks

The yarn was some Vesper odds and ends that I purchased from a Ravelry member.  I really enjoyed chopping and changing between the different colour schemes that I'd been able to get hold of.  (Although weaving in the ends was a pain!)  The pattern was an adapted version of my basic sock pattern.  This time with a size 2 needle to suit this skinny sock yarn.  I cast on a more stitches than my basic pattern to accommodate the smaller needle size - 75 stitches.  The rib is a simple K4, P1 repetition.

Vespa scrappy socks

Not a lot else to tell you about these.  Except little miss has taken a shining to them and keeps telling me they are her socks.  I have enough odds and ends that I could probably whip out a toddler sized pair.  (I need more hours in a day!)

Hope you are having a good week,
Sam xxx


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the socks!! So colorful...I really want to master two socks at once before I tackle any more socks. Maybe this summer I'll finally get around to teaching myself :)

StarSpry said...

Your socks are so fun! They would be adorable in a toddler size for Naomi :)