Sunday, March 18, 2012

Naomi's Zoo Book

Naomi received a very special gift for her birthday this year - a handmade Zoo book from her Auntie Margaret. I share it here because I think it is the coolest gift for a 2 year old. Naomi would wholeheartedly agree - she loves the animals, the different closures, the colors and textures... Check it out:

My Zoo Book

Page 1:  The Hippo

Look at that Hippo's tongue!

Page 2: The Pelican and his fish

Page 3: The Giraffe and his bow ties

Page 4: The Kangaroo

This is Naomi's favourite: The Kangaroo. She just loves that baby Roo.
(What you can't see in the picture is the buckle closure on this page).

...and her baby Roo

Page 5: The Tortoise

And this is my favourite... I love that 3D polka dot heart!

...and his heart!

Page 6: The Crocodile

Page 7: The Lion and his braided tail

Page 8:  The Elephant

The story goes that Aunt Margaret had made one of these books for her neice, when her neice was just a little girl. She had since gone to visit her neice to celebrate her neice's child's 2nd birthday. Lo and behold the kiddo was playing with the book that Margaret had made her neice, many moons ago. Seeing how much it was loved, she decided to make Naomi one. I'm thrilled she did. I welled up opening the gift - so much effort, and love, has gone into this. I too foresee a future where Naomi will be able to share this with loved ones many years from now.

PS - if anyone knows where to find a pattern for this, I'd love to learn about it. (Margaret had found the pattern on eBay... I'm checking but no luck as yet).


Kim said...

What a lucky girl! That book is too cute and it will help her learn lots of things :)

I remember having something similar when I was little and it was how I learned to tie, snap, zipper, etc.

StarSpry said...

What an adorable book! That is such a wonderful gift (and learning tool) for Naomi :)

Melissah said...

There is a copy for sale here:

Cheers :)

DiBig said...

Absolutely brilliant present.