Friday, March 23, 2012

Farmers Wife Quilt Along: Blocks 1-6

Farmers wife 1-6, originally uploaded by samjoepics.
Blocks 1-6 done. 105 to go to complete each of the designs in the book.

Top row left to right:
1. Attic window
2. Autumn Tints
3. Basket (Currently missing its handle... will be soliciting local quilt shop help on that one when we meet for our monthly quilt along)
4. Basket Weave (my fave so far, thanks to Stacey for the pretty Denyse Schmidt polka dots)
5. Bat Wing
6. Big Dipper

That's right, I'm doing my blocks in the order that they appear in the book. Partly because that's how I roll (I once asked my husband if I was to be a new member of the Spice Girls what would I be. He replied 'Sensible Spice'. Ha ha too true!). I also like the idea of tackling each of the blocks as they are presented, otherwise it would be too easy to skip the harder ones. Speaking of which, I also completed block 7 (not pictured here yet). It comprises many little triangles and the end result is a little Frankenblock!

There is a great Farmer's Wife Flickr group out on t'Internet if you want to see some really pretty blocks. I love how the selection of fabric dramatically changes how a block can look. My absolute favourites are those that have fussy cut components to them... take a look for yourself :) Another invaluable resource is the Farmer's Wife Yahoo Group (that's where some kind soul had translated each of the blocks into the paper piecing patterns that I'm using). I am continuing to paper piece my blocks. It feels like a simpler approach for a beginner, like me. More blocks to come this weekend :)

Wishing you a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend ahead,


Judy said...

These are just wonderful. Keep up the great work.

Andi said...

Love these blocks! This is going to be sensational.

Kim said...

Looking good, Sensible Spice LOL!

Wens said...

I'm about to start mine!! Just got my book in the post today. Yours is looking awesome!