Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sherbet Pips Quilt

I first saw the Sherbet Pips fabric on Bea's blog and became fixated: I 'needed' this fabric! I thought it would be perfect for a quilt for Naomi. I've only completed a strip quilt so far, and wanted to try a 'real' pattern, and yet doable for a beginner. The Fat Quarter Store had just what I was looking for: the Winter Sherbet quilt kit using the Sherbet Pips fabric and Thimble Blossom's 'Piece of Cake' pattern.

Naomi admiring her Sherbet Pips quilt

The pattern was, as it's name implies, really easy to follow. Note that the original pattern uses non-directional fabric. Since some of the prints in Sherbet Pips are directional, my first tip is that before you start happily cutting away, you'll want to take the fabrics you selected from your layer cake and figure out which half of your blocks you want to be 'portrait' and which will be 'landscape'. Then cut the squares accordingly (Tall and thin vs short and wide).

Sherbet Pips Quilt

My only other newbie tip is that one once all the blocks are complete I recommend that you lay them out according to how you want them to be displayed. I numbered them so that I knew which order they go in, but also for those blocks that had non directional fabric, I knew which way the block should be oriented when I sew them together. Besides, I find it fun to arrange, rearrange, stand back, umm, aah, rearrange some more until I find that most pleasing composition :)

Front and back

Finally for the quilting I stitched in the ditch around the pieces in each block, and then stitched tram lines in the sashing. I like how the tram lines zig and zag around each block from the top to the bottom of the quilt.

I like it!

This is far from perfect. And at times I was disheartened with it's complete lack of anything resembling perfection. But you know what, I love it! Flaws and all. I was telling one of the ladies at the local quilt store about this, and she said "Honey, have you not heard of the 30/30 rule?... If in 30 years from now, at 30 feet, no-one can tell then it doesn't matter!" I like this lady!

Ooh this is a good story

What's most important to me is that Naomi likes it too. She runs up, pats it, and exclaims 'NAAAHS" (Naomi speak for 'nice').

Wishing you a great weekend,
Sam xxx


Andi said...

I quite agree with Naomi...NAAAHS!
What a wonderful treasure you created for her.

Judy said...

Oh, I love Sherbert Pips and Piece of Cake. Just ordered some Ruby for myself. Naomi's quilt is wonderful. It is just perfect for her. Hope the Swoon blocks are coming along.

DiBig said...

Love it. You're so clever. X

LaDonna said...

I love it! You did an amazing job and I'm sure it will be cherished for years to come. :)

Jeanie said...

I think it's perfect! Great job:) I can't wait to see your "Swoon".

Oiyi said...

It's a beautiful quilt! The colors are perfect. Let's not dwell on imperfections.

Kim said...

Beautiful! What a lucky little lady :)

I love what you used for the binding.

StarSpry said...

I love the quilt! It looks great to me and is just perfect for Naomi :)

Stacey said...

I love it Sam!! Congrats on your first big quilt!! So cute those little pips!!