Friday, February 03, 2012

Knit fast, Die Warm

Knit fast, Die Warm, originally uploaded by samjoepics.
:) How cute is this Christmas gift! When I get my craft room all set up I think I'll keep it framed in an embroidery hoop just like this.

What's cuter still is how it was gift wrapped:
Cross stitch Christmas gift

But perhaps cutest of all is my little cross stitch helper: Naomi would sit snuggled up next to me waiting for the needle to appear through the top of the cross stitch fabric, which is when she'd carefully pull the needle and thread through the fabric and then hand the needle back to me. I'd then put the needle back down through the next hole in the fabric and as the thread followed Naomi would giggle and hit the top of the fabric. Very cute! Repeat this a fair few times over the course of a couple of evenings, and ta-da you have yourself a fun cross stitch, with fun memories built in. :)

On the topics of fun memories, we had a snow day here in Colorado today. Naomi just loved the "nossse" (ha ha.. close, but not quite the right pronunciation!)

Best day EVER!

Loving rolling around in the snow!

OK, it is pretty fun

Stay warm and safe my friends, and enjoy the excuse to stay inside working on those crafty projects. Sam xxx


StarSpry said...

Yay for snow days! Naomi looks so cute playing outside :) Your cross stitch will look great in your craft room. I love how Naomi helped you with it...adorable :)

DiBig said...

Have you built a snowman yet with your cute little helper? xxx

Judy said...

Glad you are getting Naomi to help with the crafts. We need young people to keep things going. The cross stitch is wonderful. I had a great day of quilting. Love a snow day even being retired!

Kim said...

That is a fun stitch!

And Naomi looks like she is having a blast in all the snow.