Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fancy Tiger... aah I dream of owning a place like this!

This weekend I headed over to the new Fancy Tiger location with some friends. There are a group of us that are all about to make the swoon quilt and we decided it was a good reason to head over to the new Fancy Tiger location to check out the line of fabrics they have there.

Wow! I walked in and immediately thought that this was a place that I could happily spend my days. (I often find myself pondering how I could make a comfortable living out of crafting). The store is gorgeous, spacious and they have some of the most wonderful crafty goodies. I love that they stock a great range of fabulous Japanese fabrics, books, embroidery, yarn. The staff are helpful and there's now a parking lot that is next to the new location. All good stuff.

Fancy Tiger Inside

The night before, I'd pulled out my ever-growing fabric stash to see if I had anything in sufficient quality to make the swoon quilt. It turns out that I do have 15 fat quarters (of the 18 needed) of Ruby which is what the original swoon quilt is made from. I was hoping that I'd be able to get my hands on the final 3. I was also thinking that if they had the entire range of Echo that I'd be tempted to shift gear completely and make my quilt out of that. As it turned out, despite the amazing range they do stock, they did not have Ruby, and only had a few bolts from the Echo line. So I'll be sticking with Ruby and picking up a few extra fat quarters online.

Fine Yarns

Talking of sewing goodies, I received a wonderful gift from Mum this year - a Cath Kidston sewing box. I love, love, love this! As soon as I got back here I started stocking it with the sewing niknaks that I have. It's good to have these all in one place. And a bonus that this one place is super cute!

For the rest of the weekend it's been fairly mellow. I put together a couple of Valentines token gifts for family. Its a simple, but super cute, robot box (Target... love that store!) filled with Hershey's kisses.

And I did get a good start on this cross stitch that a good friend gifted me for Christmas. Just a teaser for now... expecting I'll have this done soon and can share in a future blog post.

Hope you had a great weekend too,


Kim said...

Busy, busy!

Quilting, crafting, and stitching!

I think I know what your cross stitch will say :)

I'm glad you're back to blogging, Sam, I love seeing what you are up to.

Judy said...

OH, I can't wait to get over to the new FT. I have been doing alot of quilting myself lately. I will check out the Swoon.

LaDonna said...

They did do a fantastic job with the new Fancy Tiger location. I could only pop in quickly a couple of weekends ago and it was so nice to be able to get through the store without bumping into someone or something.

Love the sewing box, too! That is so cute and clever.

Donna said...

I love the new Fancy Tiger location. They did a great job. I'm jealous of your sewing box, I saw those when I was in the UK last year. Cath Kitson has the cutest stuff. My MIL gave me shoes and a wallet from there for my birthday.

Daniela said...

WoW! What a nice shop!!! I love your Valentines token gifts! You have always great ideas!


Oiyi said...

I will be in Colorado in a few weeks. My first time! I hope to visit Fancy Tiger. It looks gorgeous.