Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Cards

This weekend I whipped out a batch of Valentines cards for my family back home. I figure it's a nice way to send a recent photo of Naomi, as well as my love. (And who doesn't like to get something nice in the mail every now and then?)

Picture valentine

As usual, my supplies are from "stampin up" - card stock, heart patterned paper, heart stamp, ribbon, frilly border punch. I think they turned out nice, although if I were to re-do I would have done these portrait, not landscape, so that I could make the picture of Naomi larger. And maybe use the sepia version of the picture instead of full colour. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

Valentines card 3

(FYI, I use Picnik to work on my photos - it's a great, free, web tool that enables you to make various edits to your photos. I've also been using it to put a 'brag book' together for my Mum, using some of the collage style layouts they have available. Hmm, thinking of which, maybe I should share some of this in a future blog post?).

In addition to the Naomi Valentines, I normally get together with a couple of girlfriends each month to stamp. Here are the cards that were produced this month. (Sadly I wasn't there this time as Naomi had the bug-du-jour from daycare, but my girlies made these cards for me :) I especially like the one that uses a chocolate heart as decoration.

Valentines cards

I can hardly believe that Valentines day is just around the corner. This means my baby girl will be turning one very soon. And might not be considered a baby for much longer and she tries and tries to stand and walk... that's right my baby girl is becoming a toddler.

Wishing you a happy rest of your weekend,


Anonymous said...

I used Picnik for a while but then downloaded Picassa and loved it much more! As all Google programmes, it's very light, downloads in a minute, completely free, and I find it even easier to use than Picnik. Especially considering that I don't have to upload every single photo onto it...

marycatharine said...

Such cute cards! I love Naomi's heart antenna.

Kim said...

So cute! I am envious of your creativity :)

I cannot believe Naomi is going to be one pretty soon; I still remember holding her when she was just a newborn. It goes so fast.

StarSpry said...

I love your cards! They look great and so do the ones from your girlies :) The chocolate heart decoration is a great idea!

Bea said...

These are so cute.

Andi said...

I just can't believe hoq big Naomi is getting! Everyone loves to get something in the mail- how perfect are these Valentine's? :)