Tuesday, January 04, 2011

More holiday handmade

The rest of the photos are now downloaded and I'll start with the good news about the scarves - everything came out in the wash! I was over the moon happy and the scarves went off to the ladies at daycare today. Yay! (Better late than never I say ;) I used a little ribbon on the packaging and these super cute sheepy gift tags that Terrie had made (she made bundles of these for all our knitty girls this summer and gifted them to us at knit camp). I think this was the icing on the cake, thanks Terrie :)

Cute tags from Terrie

First Thermis - I've been wanting to make this one for a while, and it is a great gift knit as it is fairly quick to whip out. Think I might be making one for myself to keep warm now that the cooler weather has come by. I used RYC Cashsoft Aran, and made no mods to the pattern. It turned out nice - not too flopsy, but still retaining the softness of the yarn despite the density of the knitted fabric.

(Oooh nice crows feet, and don't even ask about the hair ;o)))

And second is the ruffle scarf, a fave of mine - I think this might be the 4th version of this that I've made now. Another great knit that's pretty quick if you are looking for a last minute gift or relatively instant knitty gratification. Again, used the RYC Cashsoft Aran.

(OK, maybe smiling is more flattering, despite the crows feet!)

In addition to the scarves, I've also put together some thank you cards for all the lovely gifties Joe, Naomi and I were lucky to receive this year. These were fun to make, and I'm pleased with how they turned out. If you are a stampin up stamper: Colours are tangerine tango and baja breeze, and I added some chalk to the petals and leaves to add some shading, and a little glitter spritz on the petals.

Thank you cards

On the topic of stamping goodies, check out the gorgeous hand stamped gift from my friend Cheryl -- it's a big ole batch of the most decadent chocolate cookies that I've ever tasted. What an awesome idea - she wrapped the jar with pretty Christmas paper, handstamped the labels and added her secret recipe on the inside of the tag. Love this super thoughtful gift!

Cookie mix gift from Cheryl

And last but not least I'll leave you with the felted animals that the super talented Jessica made. Note that this is her first 'attempt' at needle felting - yes, she truly is a natural at everything she tries her hand at.

Felted owls made by Jessica

Felted sheep by Jessica

Hope you also enjoyed some handmade lovelies, and crafting, over the holidays.
Sam xxx


Oiyi said...

You always make such lovely cards. What a wonderful handmade Christmas.

Denise said...

LOVE them all :) You've really got me wanting to make cards again too, those are so pretty.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Lovely presents! I have been in love with the thermis cowl for ages...looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely presentation you have made for your handknit gifts. I love the ribbon you chose to use in tying them together. The cowl looks lovely as well and I know the recipient will love it !!!

The felted items are ridiculously adorable. I would love to make the owls !!!

Brad Fallon said...

What a wonderful handmade Christmas, those are so pretty.

StarSpry said...

So glad your scarves came out well in the wash! They both look great, and the presentation is so fun. Your thank you cards a so pretty, and that gift from Cheryl is awesome. I love Jessica's felted animals. They're adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Sam!!!! How are you?
I love all the things you are showing in these pics! BEATIFUL as always!!

marycatharine said...

Those cards are so cute. I really need to try the ruffle scarf, it looks like such a great pattern.

Bea said...

I totally love that sheep!