Thursday, May 06, 2010


In September we'll be attending my brother's wedding back in the UK. I've found a gorgeous dress for Naomi, and some beautiful yarn to make a little cardigan or shrug to go with it. (Yarn is Tilli Tomas beaded lace in colour stoney mist- it is super cute!).

Now I just need to figure out what to make. Does anyone have any suggestions?

it's perfect!

I put this request out on ravelry, and received the following recommendations (click on the link to view):
Whirligig shrug
Annie Amelia Baby Bolero
Tiny tea leaves
Baby's tied shrug
Confection baby shrug
Hannah Fettig's Yoked Cardigan

Thoughts, preferences and additional suggestions all welcomed.

hope the dress fits


Judy said...

I thought immediately of whirlygig shrug.

StarSpry said...

What an adorable dress and beautiful yarn! I really like the tiny tea leaves cardigan.

Denise said...

I've got to say I love the Whirligig shrug, I've never seen it before but I bet it would look adorable :)

tinkers said...

you so have to go with the whirligig shrug! i made it for my little one. you can see it here on my rav.

so easy to knit up and it fits really well!

sue said...

The whirligig shrug would be perfect and wouldnt interrupt at the front of the dress either!

dclulu said...

Did my comment on Ravelry somehow not come through? I suggested Helena and also Yoked Cardigan (by Hannah Fetig.)

HTH! Your baby is adorable.

Pooch said...

I looked through the sites and nothing seemed to be right for baby and that pecious dress. I'm thinking of something with some lace, ruffles, and maybe a bit of ribbon adapted to your taste.

I know you'll find the perfect sweater for your lil cutie.