Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ribbed wrap top

I'm warming up for the ravelry 'WIP cup', pulling out works-in-progress and trying to finish them up. Here's a project that's been hanging around for 3 years. It's a summery ribbed wrap top from Debbie Bliss's silk collection. It's pretty simple. But pretty nonetheless. And has a perfect non clingy drape for my post baby bod!

ribbed wrap top

Not a lot to tell you about this one... I followed the pattern word for word. One exception though - I added a row of single crochet across all top edges (fronts, back and shoulders) to make them a little sturdier and a tad more 'polished'.

Ribbed wrap top

Other than that, I just wanted to add a little note to wish all Mums a Happy American Mothers Day (UK one was back in March. And yes, I'm trying to swing it with my husband that we celebrate both! ;o))))

I <3 Mum


Betsy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sam! Naomi is getting cuter every day! LOVE the salmon color and fit of your new sweater, too!

sue said...

Your wrap sweater looks wonderful on you. Your little girl is just so absolutely adorable!

StarSpry said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sam! Your sweater looks lovely and Naomi is so cute with her t-shirt :)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Happy belated Mother's Day to you. And I vote that you should celebrate them both :)

Denise said...

Happy 1st Mothers Day Sam, I like the idea of celebrating both ;) Usually I am just sending my Mam something in March and I have to wait til May (why can't we have both)!
Love the wrap. I really need to get back to posting on my blog but I just don't have anything exciting to show.

moo said...

I should have written sooner. Happy Mom's Day! Naomi is so darling! Just a peach! Don't you look at her and float with joy that cannot be contained? When I saw my daughter after she was born I said it was the only time I believed in love at first sight.

Rima said...

Cute sweater and cute cutie! You both look lovely!