Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New York, New York

...a town so nice they named it twice!

The second trip I took to the East coast this last month was to New York. A good friend and I went to visit her daughter, who was on Spring break from NYU, and we had a blast!

Highlights included:
  • Visiting the Guggenheim. I love this museum -- the architecture is wonderful and I enjoy the spiral flow through the museum that allows me to see all the art that's on display, knowing that I won't have missed a thing.

  • Watching a performance of The Lion King on Broadway. Oh my gosh, this was fantastic! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when it was her first night at the Opera when my eyes filled up at the dazzling performances. These people are so very talented, the music and singing divine, and the costumes and stage sets extremely creative.
  • Checking out some of New York's knitting stores - Purl Soho and Habu. Each very different from the other and yet both an absolute treat.
    Purl is a bright, fun, hip store that's crammed with yarn in every shade of the rainbow. They have an interesting range of books too - I came away with some cool needlefelting books for my Sis (Happy Birthday Jac!)

Habu has a very laid back feel. You are greeted by overflowing baskets galore, and the yarns come in a variety of interesting and sophisticated-looking fibers. (Note: Be sure to check the address beforehand if you intend to visit as Habu is not visible from the street).

I picked up some goodies in both stores (of course!) and look forward to choosing some projects on Ravelry for the yarns.

All in all it was a fabulous trip -- there was much laughing, catching up, sight seeing, walking and let's not forget the eating! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.


betsy said...

I felt the same way when I saw Lion King on Broadway. Without a doubt, the most fun I've ever had in a theatre (even better than Wicked)!! Have you finished the here and there scarf yet? I'm waiting for new yarn I recently bought on ravelry, and am going to try again...*sigh*

tiennie said...

What a great visit! We just saw The Lion King here in Seattle and it was amazing! My kids were in awe. I bet it's even more so on Broadway!

tiennie said...

What a great visit! We just saw The Lion King here in Seattle and it was amazing! My kids were in awe. I bet it's even more so on Broadway!

amanda said...

See this is why I can't see you returning to the UK any time soon! :D

Oiyi said...

My confession is that I haven't been to either of those places. I do walk by Purl Soho though because I took some classes from Purl Patchwork which is down the street from them. Habu looks amazing!

Bea said...

What an awesome trip. I love the Guggenheim (really any location of the Guggenheim anywhere in the world would be fine by me). Yummy yarn. I love that last photo.

blueberries in the fields said...

what a fun trip ! I have been to New York only once in my life and that was yeaaaaaars ago. And me and my friend got lost and ended up in Harlem...Oups ! At that time, it was not a place for young girls to wander around.
I would go crazy if i went to such fabulous yarn shops !
thanks for visiting my blog and for participating in my giveaway, i will be making another one around Mother's day !
have a happy one !

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! What a nice trip Sam!! I can feel excited like you only hearing what you tell!!
It 's fantastic New York!!!
"A city that doesn't sleep"... Frank Sinatra sings in his song...
I would love to come there once again after so many years I've been there.

hyeknitter said...

Sounds like you had fun - I would love to visit Purl Soho someday.