Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Knitting Green

I like to collect old knitting needles, especially the colourful metallic kind. They sit pretty in a tin bucket in my crafty corner in our loft. Here's a couple of green ones to kick off project spectrum.

And if I can drag myself away from my camera, and this computer, I will also get started on a green project -- the 'Here and There Cables' scarf by Norah Gaughan. I'm knitting it in some very pretty silk yarn from Red Rocks Fiberworks in colourway Green Grass (Mary-Kay - this yarn is a dream, so very buttery soft).

This pattern hadn't originally called to me. Until I saw this one on Ravelry. Don't you just love Ravelry for that -- how different folks can take the same pattern and turn it into something unique - with their personal stamp on it, so to say.

I better leave you and get cracking on this project -- it is to be a gift for a dear friend that I'll be meeting up with in Washington DC in just over a week.
Happy knitting!


Daniela said...

Hi Sam!
I have a lot of old metal needles too!
They arrived to me from my grandmohter!

But... what about the magazine in your pic? It is a knitting magazine?? It is big!! I love to see knitting magazine and try to take out some good ideas!!

amanda said...

I've got a load of vintage kniting needles too that I inherited from my mother-in-law. I love the pinky-peach ones!

I've been thinking about knitting an Ishbel with the red rocks yarn you sent me. What do you think?

StarSpry said...

Beautiful pictures! I have a lot of metallic needles from my mom :)

Can't wait to see the scarf. It will be gorgeous in that colorway!

Oiyi said...

I love green. That version of the scarf is beautiful. I can see why you would want to make it. Ravelry rocks!

peaknits said...

You'd better get cracking on that scarf - because I can't wait to see it;) It is going to be lovely in that yarn - yum!

Mary-Kay said...

Wow, you photograph my yarns so beautifully! Care to work for me? I pay in yarn.....

Nice, and I can't wait to see the scarf!


Emilee said...

Your pictures are breathtaking, what are your secrets for close ups! I can't even capture the actual color of my yarn. :( Just beatiful! ^_^

tiennie said...

Lovely lovely greens! Have fun in D.C.!

Anonymous said...

I've got my grandmother's knitting needles, which are brightly coloured plastic ones. I love having them on display. Your photos are lovely!