Friday, October 03, 2008

Lacking focus

I don't know what's going on right now, but I'm having a hard time committing to any individual project.

There are however 2 things I have enjoyed working on:

  • The scrappy sock blanket -- I think because each hexagon takes about 30-60 mins so I feel like something is completed, and I get to vary the yarns to keep it interesting.

  • A couple of roses for Bea -- she's going to have knitted bouquets and buttonholes at her wedding. Isn't that just a wonderful idea. And these little roses can be whipped out in no time at all.

  • The things that are in active rotation are:

  • Phyllo Yoke in Rowan Calmer -- this will be nice for the autumn and so I'm thinking that would be a good one to try and finish.

  • Geno in 4 ply soft -- another that would be perfect for autumn, and pretty close to being finished with only half of one front side and the finishing to complete.

  • Hourglass in plain and fancy -- a good mindless knit.

  • And if that wasn't enough, I cast on for a sweater for Joe and a Christmas gift for a secret recipient. And still I can't help thinking of other Christmas projects that I could be starting.

    So, if you were in my shoes would you focus in one one - if yes, which one and why? Or would you keep picking and choosing as your mood dictated?


    Bea said...

    I think I would probably work on the two Christmas things going and then that sweater that is nearly done. Its the most likely to be finished for the season. Occasionally knitting an octagon maybe so you can feel that "I finished something" feeling thats so very nice.

    Anonymous said...

    I love your scrappy sock blanket ~ very nice progress so far! The colors are great!

    If I were you, I would focus on Phyllo Yoke in Rowan Calmer. I looked it up in Ravelry and it is gorgeous! It will be something you can wear soon! Great choice of color too!

    carla said...

    Ooh, pretty blanket! And so smart to pick up stitches and knit it all together. I'm dreading sewing my barn raising quilt together.

    Jeanie said...

    I am in love with the Scrappy Sock Blanket! The colors are awesome. Is this a difficult pattern? God knows I could make this with my collection of sock yarns:)

    WandaWoman said...

    I would probably work on finishing up Geno since you are so close to finishing it. Although depending on the actual "finishing", it might seem to take as long as knitting on something else. Phyllo would be another project to focus on finishing up. Honestly, you have so many great knits and if you don't feel like working on one exclusively, knit what you feel like! :-) Not very helpful, huh?

    taelixev said...

    I would go with the blanket for randomness and feeling of accomplishment. My second choice would be the red scarf, because it's turning out very pretty.

    Luni said...

    I'm so envious of all your gorgeous projects. Your photos make them look irresistable--I'll bet they are even more difficult to resist in person.
    If I were trying to decide, I'd prioritize them all in Ravelry (I usually keep wips in my queue for a while so I can put them in order by what needs to be done first.) Sometimes writing down all the project details helps me set my goals.
    I guess you just did that in this post! :) I hope it helped.

    Corwink said...

    If it was me I would focus on the Christmas gift. The other things don't have a time limit on them where as the gift does. Unless the gift is for me then I say no rush and give it to me when you can. LOL!

    tiennie said...

    Look at all your projects! My heart would go in to heart palpitations if I had that many projects going at once! You can do it!

    StarSpry said...

    All of your projects look great!! Since you're almost finished with the Phyllo Yoke & Geno, I'd work on those first :)

    amanda said...

    I think for me it would be Joe's sweater and the blanket. That way, you can always knit a hexagon when the sweater get's too much. I'd put Geno away for a while as it's quite a summery knit.

    If it all gets too much you go always go buy another skein for that other project you've got on the go! What was it called again? Something beginning with C was it?