Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Knitty Friends

It's amazing to me how the Internet -- something so seemingly impersonal -- can enable you to meet new people with similar interests, in the very same neighbourhood. Through blogging and Ravelry, I've been lucky to do just that. And this weekend a few of us met up on Friday night to check out a local craft fair and then hang out and knit. And again for more knitting on Saturday morning. I had such a great time! Here's some pics, courtesy of Nachaele.

Kelly and Nachaele:

Stitches for Britches volunteer knitters:

...and me! (Nachaele had commented that I hadn't posted any pics of myself and so she took this and sent it to me 'for my blog' ha ha ha!)


tiennie said...

What a fun time!

Anonymous said...


StarSpry said...

I had fun on Friday night, too! Sounds like a good time Saturday as well :D

I love your shirt!!

Bea said...

THat looks like fun! The shirt is awesome!!

Terri Lynn said...

You look so good in this shirt!