Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy flowers

I know it's not Friday... but here's some eye candy:
My husband brought these lovelies home for me this weekend -- we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. When we married, I had Gerbera's at the wedding reception, in the very same colours. Happy flowers -- I love them!

The B&B team, on the other hand, seem less than impressed! ;o)

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Nerdy Knitter said...

Wow--this is weird! We just celebrated OUR 5th anniversary (June 1), and WE had gerber daisies for our wedding, too! We used ours for the bridesmaids' and my "bouquets" (just held loose...nothing formal), and they were in colors similar to yours.

And now I'm a nerdy knitter with a pooch. I guess we'll need to get a second pooch to catch up with you. :-)