Sunday, April 19, 2015

A little of this, a little of that

Bertie's blanket 3
Evie Box sweater
Pink pop sock
Libert London embroidered cushion
Colouring with thread
Colouring with thread
Brit bunting cushion
Pin cushions

First up: A huge than you to all of you that sent sock yarn squares for Bertie's Blankets.
The original idea was to make one large hospital bed sized blanket out of these squares. But after I started to assemble them, I decided that there were enough squares to make 2 good sized lap blankets, and why not spread the love :) This is the first of those lap blankets that I dropped off at a local hospice this week. It has been over 3 years since Dad was in hospice care, and so I wasn't expecting the emotions that came with dropping this blanket off. A mix of sadness for what has been, together with gratitude and happiness thinking about all of you that have been so kind to support this effort. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

That's the biggest news this week.  Other than that, I've been playing around with a couple of different projects all of which have one thing in common - they needed to be an easy distraction after some busy, and mentally exhausting work days:
  • There's the Evie box sweater in the red yarns which is a beautifully simple garter stitch in a variety of yarns.
  • A sock, which originally was in a cute pattern but required too much mental processing power, so riiiip, it became a vanilla sock.
  • Free-form embroidery on some Liberty of London decorator weight fabric which I turned into an envelope cushion and gifted to a friend today.
  • Upon completing that cushion, Naomi wanted a cushion too, so I pulled out the British bunting fabric that I picked up in the UK last year and made another simple envelope cushion cover for her bedroom.
  • Finally these darling little pin cushions using some espresso sized cups, fabric and a hot glue gun!
And that's it my friends. It has been good to craft this week.
Hope you are well.
Sam xxx


Ginx Craft said...

I love the big blanket. The colours look so unusual and great together.

Katiebee said...

Such beautiful works in progress! Your blanket project is so kind :) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead~

Andi said...

How fantastic that you are spreading and love and creating two blankets with those beautiful squares.
Whenever you are ready for more square donations, I would be happy to help.
So many great projects on the needles. I have a big time soft spot in my heart for that sewing as I just received the most beautiful and thoughtful handmade bag from a dear friend. :)

Wens said...

Wonderful job with the blankets Sam! How lovely to see all your amazing projects on the go, you're busy!