Saturday, January 31, 2015

WIP Weekend

I had all good intentions of writing a WIP Wednesday post, that almost became a Things-a-progressin Thursday, and then... well, you get the idea, it's the weekend now, so WIP Weekend it is.  The main work in progress has been the secret socks. I started knitting these the other week and got to a point where I decided that I wasn't loving how they were looking. They were fine, but they weren't great. Do you ever feel that way?

There were a few things that were bugging me:
  1. They seemed too big and baggy (and I'm sure Joe doesn't want Nora Batty socks)
  2. The hearts seemed a little squooshed
  3. I was knitting a couple of rows from each end of the ball to give it a striped effect...  but the stripes weren't showing up
After much umming and aahing, trying to decide if these bugs were deal breakers, I ripped the sock out and started again, with the following fixes:
  1. Cast on fewer stiches and changed from straight stocking stitch to K9, P1 - this touch of ribbing seems to pull the sock in nicely and give it a little bit of leg huggability
  2. Added an extra row to the hearts so they are a little less stumpy
  3. Ditched the stripes
Back to the drawing board

Now I'm happy!  I don't love ripping out, but when I find myself knitting and knitting and questioning myself about the end result, I figure sometimes its best to just go back to the drawing board... or little notepad, in this case.

Secret Socks

The socks are now coming along nicely, although I am currently in that mental phase of  'I just want to be done' after doing rounds and rounds and rounds of the K9, P1 stitch pattern.  I may add in the afterthought heel right now just to break up the monotony.  But all in all, pleased with how these are coming along.

Other than the knitting, there's also been some purchasing.  First up, this lovely Spun Right Round sock yarn.  I don't have any plans yet... it just called to me like a siren song:

Spun right round

And some fabulous Kaffe Fasset fabric: 

Kaffe Fasset

My uncle has asked if I would make him a quilt with bright, happy, seaside colours.  Here is our colour inspiration for the quilt.
Quilt Inspiration

I think these fabrics will above work well with some that are already in my stash - I wanted some golden sand, and sea blue colours in there.   I might need some other brights too, to make it pop.  I'm still playing around with ideas at this point... I love this part of the process.

Warren quilt fabric?

I also pulled out the WIP Berties (hospice) Blanket.  It's been a thoughtful week for me:  A sweet high school friend passed away from breast cancer last Friday.  It has haunted me all week, and that gave me the nudge to pull this out, so it can be seamed and handed to a local hospice where it can bring someone some comfort.  Thank you to all who contributed squares - this is going to be a beauty.  I just have one last square to complete and then onto the seaming.

Berties Blanket

Go hug your loved ones xxx

Wishing you a good weekend,
Sam xxx


Ginx Craft said...

I don't know where to start. I love the socks with the row of hearts. Today hopping around some blogs I was feeling a bit bored with all the valentine hearts, but yours are lovely. I love the inspiration pictures, but best of all the way you have photographed you knitted squares. Something about the light on the picture, but I think it is just going to be such a lovely blanket. I had better stop raving.

Chrisknits said...

Stumpy hearts? No way! We can't have stumpy hearts on socks!! Love the fabric!! We just lost a wonderful man to Cancer and I fear two more wonderful gentlemen will soon succumb to their cancers over the next week or so. Such heart wrenching situations. Prayers for your friend's family.

Nicky said...

I absolutely love the socks; I love the contrast between the red hearts and the black/white socks. And your uncle's quilt options -- I really can't wait to see how it's going to turn out. The fabrics are just lovely and the inspiration picture is so cheery.

Are we doing more Bertie's Blankets this year? I'm so very sorry to hear of your friend's passing; I wish cancer can be erased forever.

steph said...

all kinds of GREAT creative things going on there.....and I love (LOVE!) that skein that has yet to find it's future!! And all in happy colors! :)

Andi said...

Ah, those socks just stole my heart. While ripping back is not the most ideal, getting it right sometimes wins.
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Sam.

Erin Kate said...

those heart socks are so adorable !!