Sunday, November 02, 2014

Christmas Tree Ornament

November. How did that happen?

Less than 2 months to Christmas. Which is still a good chunk of time... unless you have grand designs for hand making gifts. I had such grand designs: There's the cardigan for my mother-in-law and another wild idea that I would make my family some Christmas tree ornaments.

The cardigan is underway... photo update to follow in another post. With my work schedule the way it has been, it will be nothing short of a Christmas miracle if I pull this off. Going to give it the good college try...
For the Christmas tree ornaments, I had stumbled across a site that creates personalized Christmas tree cross stitch designs:

My idea was to make some of these, in memory of my Dad, for my family. The designs are subtle - squint at the side of the tree and you will see his name 'Trevor'.  I am thinking this is a nice gesture. Or is it morbid? I have also questioned whether this make me a little odd.
Trevor wip
Anyhoo, I have one completed:

Trevor tree
It is on Picture this Plus 36 count sparkly linen, in the colourway gingerbread. The thread is a cream silk. My big plans were to make Mum, Sis, Brother and I one each. Overambitious? Yes. Realistic... not this year! So, dear family, if you are reading this, know that I had good intentions :)

As for all my crafty friends out there - are you well underway on your Christmas crafting?
What do you have on the go?

Love, Sam xxx


Nicky said...

That's so pretty Sam. It really is!

The change in my work status upped my crafty gift giving quotient. I haven't started yet but hope to narrow down the list by end of day tomorrow. I can't believe that Christmas is about 7 weekends away! Totally surreal!

Nicky said...

P.S. And I don't think it's morbid at all! It's a wonderful gesture.

Chrisknits said...

I think it very sweet and a tribute to him. How beautiful that design is.

Andi said...

I haven't even planned what I am going to make for the family for Christmas-boo. I seem to be getting further behind each year. You are way ahead of me love. Beautiful stitching!

Jesse H said...

That is so thoughtful and beautiful! I love it, a gorgeous design too :)

Karen said...

I absolutely love the tree. I thought it was beautiful before I knew what it said - nice work and love the color choice. With your dad's name, it is so meaningful! I hope your family loves them :) I'll have to see if I can spy out what sweater you're working on, on Ravelry!

Bazzy B said...

love it, if you do ever get chance i would like one