Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snuggly Soft Baby Sweater

In our group of friends it seems that there are a whole slew of babies due in the coming months.  The first is a baby girl that is due in early May, and my go to pattern for baby girls is Elizabeth Zimmerman's february baby sweater on 2 needles. 

feb baby

This one is worked up in ArtYarns Cashmere sock. The yarn is devine!  So deliciously soft and snuggly.  You can almost see the fuzzy halo of the yarn in the picture below.  I also love the slight variegation on colour from baby pink through peach.  Soo pretty. 

feb baby

The pattern is great too.  It's a really easy knit, but with fancy results.  There's very little finishing involved too, which in my books is always a winner.  My favourite part is that I'm able to put some of my sock yarn stash to good use - this cardigan uses up about the same amount of yarn that it takes to make one pair of adult socks.

Artyarns cashmere sock

I modify the pattern slightly for the sock yarn.  I use a needle that is 1-2 sizes larger than the sock yarn recommends.  So for the cashmere sock they recommend a needle size 3, and I used a US 5.  Also, the pattern calls that you cast on X stitches, knit for Y rows, then increase until you have Z stitches.  Instead of casting on X stitches, I cast on Z number of stitches - the number of stitches that you would have after the first round of increases if you followed the pattern as written.

Do you have any go to patterns for babies?
I would like to make something for a baby boy and a 'TBD' baby.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,


jody said...

that cardi is just beautiful! what a great gift for a new baby.

every time i see an EZ fo i get even more impressed - her patterns have truly stood the test of time.

Chrisknits said...

It's been a while since I made that sweater. Must add it back to my queue. Your version is just adorable!

Andi said...

Could that little cardi be any sweeter? Lovely!

Janie said...

Love the cardi, it's beautiful. I like your idea of casting on Z instead of X and doing the increases. It makes a lot more sense.

fabulous yarn said...

HI Dear! Just beautiful - we carry the PEACH color, is that what you used? Would you let us know what pattern book you found this in - we'd love to put together a kit with this, it really is just incredibly beautiful! Artyarns Cashmere Sock Yarn

Wens said...

You are an amazing knitter Sam! Such a lovely sweater. I have my first niece or nephew coming in a couple weeks! It's just quilts from me. Wish I could knit some little outfits. Great work :)