Friday, October 18, 2013

Catch up

I've been absent from blogland for a few weeks now. All for a good reason - my Mum has been visiting and so we've been out and about enjoying ourselves. :)

Some of the fun things have included a concert - Earth, WInd and Fire - at Red Rocks (amazing venue in Colorado... crazy to think that after all this time here, this was my first time seeing a concert at Red Rocks amphitheatre).

A trip to Disney world, where Halloween celebrations were in full effect! Naomi thoroughly loved the rides, and the bigger the better!

Dumbo Ride

Pumpkin patch visiting:  If you are in the Denver area, we went to the Botanical Gardens at Chatfield and I highly recommend it.  In addition to the pumpkin patch there were hay rides, pony rides, children's fairground, food and craft stalls...  all in a beautiful location.

Pumpkin Patch

Checking out the Denver Art Museum and the textile exhibit.

Denver Art Museum - Spun

Not to mention a quilt exhibit that was hosted at the central Denver library and Capitol building.  This was amazing to see 250 quilts in such stunning settings. 

Quilt show

Trips to the zoo and the aquarium....
It has been fun and busy couple of months!

I've been able to do some crafting too. Major focus has been on finishing Mum's quilt - more to share on that in an upcoming post. (I am soooooooo excited!)  Then there are the quilt guild squares that I've made for Stacey's quilt. I only made the 2 on the bottom row: middle and right hand side square.  But look how great this looks all put together.

 Stacey Quilt

Plus this novelty scarf for Naomi, using Ella Rae Pompe yarn and a ruffle scarf pattern from Interweave knits.

Novelty scarf 1

I'm hoping to catch up with your blogs in the next week or so.
Hope you are well and having fun too,
Sam xxx


Monica said...

This post made me so happy. Great to know that you have been surrounded by so much motherly love and fun activities. Yay times 1 million. Xoxo

jody said...

there's no better excuse to be absent than hanging out with family! it looks like it was a great visit!

Nicky said...

Aren't mommies just the best ever?!!!! I love when mine comes to visit. So glad you all had a great time.

Beautiful F.Os too. That quilt is beautiful. I know you've been working on your mom's for a while so I'm excited to see it too!!!