Saturday, August 24, 2013

Slouchy Flower Hat

I just finished up this lovely slouchy flower hat:

Flower hat

Flower hat - back

This started as a travel knit - I wanted something small and portable to take back to the UK with me at the beginning of the year. I found the pattern online, printed it out, threw it in a project bag with the recommended needles and some deliciously soft alpaca yarn...

En route I read the pattern for the first time and realised that the flower is knit after the hat is completed. Boo.  I thought the flower would be knit into the design of the hat. You see, I do not love fiddly knitting where there are little bits and pieces to crank out and assemble later. So I knit the hat on my trip, started the first flower petal and then cast it aside. That is until Andi started the KAL that spurs folks to finish up their projects!

I'm soo thankful for the motivation. And the crazy part is that the petals really weren't a big deal and took me no time at all. (Although sewing them onto the hat kept me occupied during a good portion of a movie last night!!)

The hat was originally intended for me. But I asked Naomi to model for me, and wow it looks pretty on her! Aside from her being a prettier model :o))), I think that certain hats just look better when there are long locks cascading out from underneath. So sweet girl has a new winter hat!

Pattern: Flower Hat by Rebecca Lenox
Yarn: A handspun alapaca that I picked up at a local craft fair (good grief this stuff was lovely to work with)
Needles: As recommended in the pattern
Modifications: None

Ooh and Naomi started preschool this last week. What a bag of emotions that was for the pair of us. Nerves and excitement before starting and wondering how the transition would be. Relief and overwhelming joy to see her integrate soo well and love the new school!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,
Sam xxx


Katiebee said...

a beautiful hat & a beautiful little model~ well done!



Andi said...

Look at the princess all dressed for school! She is so fantastic.

Love the hat. Glad that you were able finish it.

Ginx Craft said...

Lovely hat. Your model looks very cute, and I really like the slouchy look. I would really love knitting fiddly petals and sewing them on, but I think I'm a bit weird in that respect.

Wens said...

Awesome slouchy beanie! That's a good one for winters in Montreal! First day of preschool too - that must feel weird for you Sam - time flies. She is SO cute :)

savannahchik said...

the hat looks fabulous - even if you did have to knit the flower separately.

and Naomi looks so cute in her uniform! hope she had a fabulous start to school!

StarSpry said...

What a beautiful hat! Naomi looks adorable modeling it, too :) And how cute is she in her preschool outfit?! I'm glad the transition went well.

Chrisknits said...

Love the hat!!!! And you go have a very cute model!! I had my oldest start college today. 3 hours away. Very bittersweet.