Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is in the air

It is quickly approaching Valentines Day.  Hubby and I have a date night... wahhoooo!  Date nights are few and far between and therefore highly cherished.  Naomi will be celebrating with her friends at school; they are having a Valentines party.  At any mention of Valentines, Naomi tells me she is going to be a princess.  With a beauuuuutiful dress.  Apparently I can be a princess too.  And Daddy?  Well she tells me he is the Queen.  :)

Naomi saying ooh they are soo pretty

This last weekend we worked on some little party favours for the Valentines party.  Pinspiration strikes again:  I found this great idea for Valentines bubbles on the Simply Modern Mom blog while searching for children's Valentine gifts.  This was perfect because it wasn't a food item (there can be quite a few restrictions about what can/can't be brought into school and what other parents do/don't want their kiddos eating).  I get it, and therefore steering clear of food items always seems to be a good way to go.

Valentines gifts

Plus, the project is super easy.  There are complete instructions and free printables on the Simply Modern Mom blog.  You just need to pick up some bubbles (I got mine from Target, but I'm told craft stores also have them in the wedding section), some paper, ribbon and glue.
Valentines gifts in progress

Naomi was super excited about helping me and came armed with her glue stick and a bucket full of enthusiasm.  That is until she saw the bubbles and then decided it would be much more fun for us to play with those instead :)  So all in all a great project to work on together and then to have fun catching bubbles afterwards. (Dear sweet girl has inherited her mother's under eye bags when she hasnt had enough sleep... and this particular morning she'd had us both up at 4am)

Checking quality of supplies

On the theme of Love, I was also able to finish a couple of charity/Project Love hats with the leftover yarn from the Polka dot cardigan.  Neither follow a pattern as such - I just made it up as I went along.  They were looking a little 'meh' until I added thee crochet rosettes, with the button centers.  Hats with flair! :))) 

Project Love hats

I also like that a little girl has a matching mini hat for her favourite doll or teddy.

Project Love hats modelled

Sending you lots of love,
Sam xxx


Monica said...

You are setting the bar high with the super cute Valentine's favors! :-)

I love that get to "craft" with Naomi!

StarSpry said...

What fun Valentines! Perfect for the kiddos at school :) Your Project Love hats look adorable with the crocheted rosettes!

Chrisknits said...

Ah, the days of Valnetine's. With 15 and 18 year old daughters we don't see much of those anymore. Cute idea. Love the hats! I have discovered that no hat is cute enough until you add a flower. Well, at least for girls. LOL. And boys don't care, so no additional item needed.

Nicky said...

Glad you had a great "Love" day!! Those favours are beautifully put together! I should really get on Pinterest.

Kepanie said...

What pretty Valentines. That holiday crept up on me this year. I just let my oldest do what she wanted without the drama and the little one had Target ones.
Naomi is such a beauty. She is so precious.