Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This month has just whizzed by - it is true when they say that time flies when you are having fun.  You see my Mum has been visiting for the last 4 weeks.  We've been 'out and about' enjoying ourselves and creating lovely memories.

Before I start to tell you some of the highlights, I have a little crafty content to share first:  Mum brought with her this fabulous cardigan that she had made for Naomi.  Isn't it gorgeous!  (And doesn't the little model pose crack you up!)

Cardi off Grandma

The pattern is 'Girls Waistcoat Vest' from Sirdar, and it is knit in an aran weight wool.  This is a beautifully rich and warm colour - perfect for the start of autumn.  And of course looks beautiful on the little miss.  I am seriously tempted to make one for myself.

We've had some lovely family time these last few weeks.  There was a trip up to Glenwood Springs to enjoy the natural hot springs pool.  Glenwood springs is very beautiful.  It is nestled in the mountains and has an extremely friendly community vibe.  I can see this becoming an annual weekend away.

Glenwood Springs

I've learned my daughter is part mermaid if her love of the water is anything to go by... must sign her up for swim school!

Another weekend we took a trip on the Georgetown loop railroad - a steam train that took us on a little journey between Georgetown and Silver Plume.  We were lucky to take the trip at this time of year as the aspen are changing colour and are a stunning shade of yellow right now. 

Georgetown train

Georgetown loop railroad

Naomi was tickled pink with the trip.  She's quite interested in trains at the moment and absolutely loved her very own train driver's hat, scarf and whistle!

Train driver with whistle

Then there's been trips to Colorado Springs in an attempt to see the balloon festival... but we were too late (doh!), but luckily got to see the balloons at the Columbine memorial event a week or so later.


And Canvas and Cocktails - an event where you get a little drinky while you learn to paint a specified picture.  We went on a Mimosa Morning and it was a LOT of fun.  Good music, excellent hosts, a little creativity and best of all wonderful company.

Canvas and cocktails with Mum
Canvas and cocktails with mum

And there have been lots of trips to the farmers markets to grab fresh fruits and veggies.  Naomi and I made a delicious green chilli sauce one day which I then heaped over my chicken or fish dinners for the following week.  Yum!  And speaking of yum, my good friend Anita had us over for dinner and made pistachio chicken with a lime/avocado dressing.  It was superb!  Delicious and healthy - this will be on the menu again this week!

My little helper

There's more to come from a crafty perspective... when we weren't out and about, Mum and I were hunkered down at home working on a project together.  (Sneak peeks on my flickr page.)

I was very sorry to say 'bye for now' to Mum today, but thankful for the wonderful times we spent together this month.  Roll on our next visit. xxx


Kepanie said...

What an awesome time w/your mum and ohana! I love how your little one loves trains; she go! I think swimming is an important life skill. If she can have private lessons, it is a must. My 5 year old passed level 1 and is learning the backstroke and freestyle.
The vest is WAY wonderful.

Kim said...

Wow, what a fun September!

Love that cardigan--it's perfect for this time of year.

I'm glad you liked Glenwood; we love going up to the "hot pool". The train ride and painting look like fun too! It's amazing how much you can find to do in our own backyard.

Congrats on the diet success!

Oiyi said...

That cardigan is gorgeous! And she looks fabulous in it. Canvas and Cocktail looks like so much fun! I have never heard of that before.