Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bits and pieces

I've been working on a few smaller projects recently. There's something satisfying about finishing a couple of items that have been hanging around the WIP pile for a good long while.

I had been working on some embroidered summer sandals and the needlepoint is now complete. I need to either send these to be finished professionally, or try my hand at it myself. I'm tempted to do the latter... once I figure out how!

Mermaid embroidered sandals

Then some wristwarmers that I started in 2008. (I know, I have no idea why it took me soo long to pick these back up) I couldn't remember how I did the first one, or the needle size I used so they have a 'little miss matched' vibe to them. Which I kind of like! These were knit in 2 colourways of Noro sock yarn, alternating every couple of rows. And because I can't resist adding crochet borders to my projects, I did the same here.

Cold hands, warm heart

Ooh yes, we have a new puppy - Bruno. He's also been keeping me busy! In addition to his basic training, I'm also trying to train him to be one of my knitwear models! If successful you should see it a bit more of him here.

or Doggy Leg Warmers?

But my favourite knitwear model is Naomi! Baby girl is going to 1 year old this week! Wild! Anyhoo, her hair is getting really long and she's started pulling her hair clips out. Plus last time I had her fringe cut she looked like Mo from the 3 stooges!

I wanted to try making a hairband to keep her hair out of her eyes. This seems to have done the trick and she kept it on all morning. I simply crocheted a chain with some sock yarn and then measured it around her head. Once the chain was just the right size to go round - not too loose, not too tight - I joined to make a circle and then single crochet around until it was the desired thickness.

It looks cute on its own, but I'd also made some felt flowers last night (from a Martha Stewart kit) and added one of these as a little bit of flair!

crochet hair band and felt flower

And finally I just started another baby blanket - a version of Olive's Afghan from the Knitalong book (except I'm using rowan cotton 4ply instead of the thicker alpaca yarn that's called for). It's for a baby that's due to arrive in May so that gives me a little time to crank this out. And the cotton will be nice for the warmer summer months.

Olive's Afghan

Wishing you a good rest of your weekend,
Sam xxx


Anonymous said...

Love the dog as the knitwear model, he looks ever so cool. I think he's already adopted the "if you can't fight it, just go along with it, it'll be over quicker" attitude :D

At Home Mommy Knits said...

So many great projects! Love the colors for those wristwarmers.

Oiyi said...

She is so cute! Congrats on the new addition to the family. Well on his way to becoming a great knitwear model.

StarSpry said...

Great projects! It's always nice to finish some WIPs :) I love both of your adorable! I can't believe Naomi will be a year old this week!

Bea said...

Cutie new puppy. I hope he works out as a knitwear model. Your other model looks great in her headband. What a fabulous idea!

amanda said...

That's a determined little look she has on her face in the last shot - what has she got her eye on I wonder?

love the blanket btw!

Anonymous said...

The mitts are very nice Sam!!! It's nice the fact to have them in different shades: cute & fashion!
Naomi is wonderful!!! My sister has her brithday too this week! On 22nd. She's nice and creative as the little Naomi! :-)
Have a nice birthday party!

Denise said...

Love your new model :) And baby girl is just too gorgeous for words.

Andi said...

Love the little headband! Bruno is going to make a fantastic knitwear model. :)