Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday hats

Goodness it has been a while since I posted anything out here. Here's a little post to share some of the quickie projects I've been working on.

There's a Santa Hat for Naomi.

(Yep, piccie has been used on the Christmas cards this year)

Joe and I both have a handknit santa hat and so it seemed only right that Naomi get one too. You should see the looks we get when we are out and about together! ;o)

Hat pattern is from handknit holidays book, and the yarn is the blue sky alpaca that the pattern calls for. I love this yarn. I think thats what really makes the hat. Well, I guess the model isn't too shabby either! ;o)))

(This is a picture of her trying to escape... you should see how many shots it took to get to the first picture... and how heavily I cropped and edited it to make it work for the cards. Baby girl is mobile!)
And then there's a little elf hat.
Naomi received a gorgeous winter coat off her great Grandma and I wanted to make a hat that went well with it. I do love the meathead hat pattern from knitalong book and figured this would work with a mother's schedule: big needles + big yarn = fast knit. I had some of the lovely bright pink Red Rocks yarn from a cardi I made (think the pattern was shalom?) and that complemented the colours in the new coat nicely. It wasn't quite the right weight of yarn for the pattern and so I used 3 strands held together. Unfortunately it wasn't the quick knit I was hoping for -- this hat has actually been knit and re-knit about 3 times. It didn't seem to be quite deep enough for baby girl's head. I even tried to stretch it:
In the end I couldn't bear the thought of reknitting yet again what was supposed to be a churn-it-out-in-one-evening project and so decided to just add some ear flaps instead. Oh and the big flower came off one of the baby dresses she had that no longer fits... and since she'd actually worn through the dress (yes, I loved it) it wasn't any good for donating either. Ooh and Daddy has one of these hats too... a 'manly' version... but goofy nonetheless. Must get a modelled shot ;o)

Now I'm trying to whip up a couple of Thermis cowls for the lovely ladies at daycare... I'm new to this whole gifts for teachers thing so I hope this isn't going to seem lame? The ladies are always making kind comments on Naomi's handknits, and Thermis seems like a good versatile, go with most styles and tastes pattern? Can you tell that I'm second guessing myself at this point. Ah well enough twitter, I need to get to the needles... tick tock tick tock time is flying by....


Bea said...

Very very cute!

Sue said...

So very cute!

StarSpry said...

Super cute hats for Naomi, Sam! She looks adorable in her Christmas picture :)

I think the ladies at the daycare will love the Thermis cowl!

Stacey said...

I think that the cowls are going to be great! Who doesn't love and appreciate a hand knitted gift?! It was so fun hanging out today, we need to do it again soon!

Laura Jane said...

I've made 3 thermis's (thermi?) for christmas gifts this year; if you're pushed for time its a great idea, they only take a couple of days and look really great, especially with nice natural wood buttons. Just pay attention to the pattern when you stop knitting in the round. As I said, I've made 3, and they're all different... :-s.

N looks adorable in the elf hat :-)

Bubblesknits said...

How precious!!! :)

marycatharine said...

She's so cute in the santa hat but the elf hat is adorable!