Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Showered with gifts

This weekend my knitty friends threw a wonderful baby shower for the little lady and I, on valentines day (great was to spend a valentines morning - brunch with good friends!). I don't think anyone has ever been soooo very spoiled in the history of baby showers! And check out the fun theme -- that's right, knitty goodness!

Baby centerpiece

Baby shower decorations

There were soo many gorgeous, thoughtful and generous gifts I could hardly believe it. I think I spent the entire day with a massive grin plastered across my face. Thank you ladies. It means the world to me that you been supportive and excited throughout this journey. And that you'll all be there to love on BOB when she makes her debut.

Since this is primarily a knitty blog, I'll highlight some of the gorgeous handknits (but believe me I got soooo very many other fantastic goodies... they can all be seen on my flickr page):

First there's the group project -- a beautifully soft blanket made from exquisite sock yarns. I think this is going to be a favourite with the little lady. And the cute backing material is monsters! Yay! And then Kim had knit these gorgeous socks. Check it out - not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 pairs! She's been very very busy and little lady is going to be spoiled with handknit socks from the get go -- between her and her Dad I think I may have a full time job whipping out hand knit socks in the future! And in case 4 sets of socks wasn't enough, Kim also made a couple of hats. Super cute! (And perfect for this chilly weather).

Handknit socks from Kim

Terrie had made some gorgeous booties. How adorable are they! Something I'd been meaning to do, but never quite got around to. Another treasured keepsake. And then there's Hermann Bear too. Perfect size for a (not so) wee one.

Booties and bear from Terrie

Speaking of Monsters, Jeni has also added to the collection with another danger craft monster - Sammie the sock monster. Hee hee I love these guys. He has now joined the rest of the posse in the nursery. And Jeni also made this beautiful cardigan in some deliciously soft yarn and beautiful colours. Aah I think precedents are being set that may be hard to uphold!

Gorgeous hand knit sweater and a fun pink monster from Jeni

Stacey has also been very busy with the knits -- there's a couple of gorgeous and fun hats to go with some onesies she gave me. Loving the bright colours and fun designs on these.

Knit hats and outfits from Stacey

And then there is the knitted papoose. I'm soo very happy to have one of these to model my newborn baby in for her first photos. Another thing I'd been meaning to get round to, but, erm, never did.

Knitted papoose and hat from Stacey

Speaking of which, it appears that BOB is on her way sooner rather than later. Was at the docs on Monday and she thinks it could be any day now... we'll see!

Thanks once again for the wonderful shower. I had such a nice time with you all and can't thank you enough. Big hugs, Sam xoxo


Oiyi said...

Wow, wow, wow!! You are one lucky woman. Your friends are so thoughtful and generous. Great stuff!
Good luck with the baby. I will wait for the good news on your blog.

Bea said...

Gorgeous shower gifts! Your friends are just awesome. I can't believe she's almost here. So exciting!!

sue said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends who all love to knit too. There are some really gorgeous knits there and I am sure your baby will look adorable in all of them!

Judy said...

What lovely gifts you received. The nursery is really filling up!

Bubblesknits said...

Goodness gracious, those are some gorgeous gifts! Wow!

StarSpry said...

It was a fun baby shower!! Feel free to put a little face on Hermann if you want; I tried, but didn't like how it turned out :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Sam!!! I am so excited!!! I feel like I am there near you!!!! So, we have to wait just a little bit to see BOB!!! :-)

Those gifts are WONDERFUL!!! How many crafty friends do you have????? !!!!!! It's amazing!! I love their projects!!!

And .... very beatiful pics! clap clap :-)
I love them

Take care Sam, you will be in my thoughts in next days,

big hugs


moo said...

So very cute! Everything (including you~I saw Stacey's pictures) looks ready. Now go and get your rest.

Kim said...

That was so much fun!

Anytime BOB needs some socks let me know; I'll whip up a pair for you--or babysit while you knit some ;)

Denise said...

What beautiful gifts :) I'm back from my trip home and trying to get caught up. Hope lil Miss is on her way soon... you might be in labor as I type this? :-0