Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camp WannaKnitKnit... belated post

I've been meaning to write a quick note about this year's Camp WannaKnitKnit -- I had such a fun time with my knitty girls.

Each year a few friends head up to the mountains and spend the weekend knitting, hanging out, laughing, eating good food, watching movies, playing games... It is bliss.

Unfortunately we didn't get a group shot this year which is a shame as we had fab new Camp WannaKnitKnit clothing to model! In addition it's become a tradition to come away with a goodie bag, and this year everyone chipped in to create something. Thanks all for the super gifts everyone - I love everything :)

I wrangled my sis into helping create my piece for the goodie bag. She made some super cute Shaun the Sheep resin badges. You can check out the details on her blog. I found some little tin pails and modge podged them with cute paper, and created a little matching notepad and added in some jelly beans - knitters need snacks!

I spent my time there working on Featherweight. It's a pretty pattern, and I love the malabrigo lace. But man, after a whole weekend of non stop knitting on this I was ready to tuck away for another day. There's a lot of teeny stitches to work on.

So tempest has come out of hiding again. I'll need to get a move on if I'm going to finish it up for August's NaKniSweMoDo.


Anonymous said...

Love the colour. xxx

Oiyi said...

I love the goodie bags! So cute. Knitting Camp sounds awesome.

Bea said...

Super cute idea for the present. I love how your featherweight is coming out.

Anonymous said...

It's a GORGEOUS IDEA this one Sam!!
ooohhh.... if only I'd live in Colorado!!! :-)
Every gift is nice and I love the goodie bags: you and your sis are two GENIUS!!! :-)