Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It seems all I've done in the last couple of weeks is start new projects:

First off it was Estes Park wool festival this last weekend. I came away with some lovely Plain & Fancy yarn in what I'm calling mermaid colours.

There's some yarns that just beg to be knit into something immediately... and this is one. I'm following Terrie's lead and making an hourglass sweater. Ooh and I also came away with this very cool cable needle ring. No more cable needle hanging out the side of my mouth.

The weekend was fabulous and you can see a great account of it, with pics, on Stacey's blog. A fun time was had by all. Thanks Stacey for organizing this fun trip.

Next up are some baby goodies. A couple of friends back home are going to be having babies in August. They've decided not to find out whether they'll be little boys or girls and so instead of opting for white, I've decided to go multicolour.

I'd checked into nursery colours and one of the rooms looked to have a very similar colour scheme as this corntastic blanket. So I've got that on the needles right now. I'll be changing the basic pattern up a little, and adding some matching accessories. More to come soon on this one.

Then there's a Phyllo yoke sweater in the lovely Rowan calmer. I've only got a couple of inches in on this one, but I'm so excited about how it's going to turn out. A nice fall sweater methinks.

It's just dawned on me that these are all mindless stocking stitch projects for the most part. Maybe there'll be another new project on the horizon for which I'll be able to put my new nifty cable needle to good use.


tiennie said...

Love all those colors! It's going to be a beautiful blanket!!

StarSpry said...

Such beautiful yarn! The baby blanket looks so cute :)

I love your cable needle ring! This is the 2nd year I've eyed it at Estes Park. Maybe next year I'll get one too :D

amanda said...

I think we must be in the same frame of mind at the moment. I just cannot stop casting on (with varying degrees of success!). At least you've got an excuse, what with the babies on the way. Gorgeous colours you've picked there btw, much better than plain white.

Luni said...

So ambitious! You'll have a lot of lovely, entertaining projects for summer knitting.

Denise said...

Would you look at that! I've never seen a cable ring, what a neat invention! Lovely patterns and yarn.

Stacey said...

I'm digging all the projects that you've picked out. The Norah Gaughan design is definitely on my list. I too have a case of the startitis...the siren call of all the fun new yarns I've picked up lately is just too hard to resist! :)

Corwink said...

Oh yes....startitis is in the air. I have been fighting the urge to cast on several new projects. I can't wait to see that Rowan sweater. That is going to look amazing on you. Love that color. The cable needle ring is so cool! I usually hang the hook in the front of my shirt. I once walked around cleaning the house for several hours before Jeff finally asked, "What is that thing on your shirt?" OOPS!!

Anonymous said...

Fun projects! I got to touch that corntastic last, it is incredibly soft! Must have some of that! It will be perfect for baby blankets!

Glad you had a good time last weekend! It is always fun to get away with a bunch of knitters!

Love the Phyllo Yolk sweater and you get to use your favorite Rowan yarn! :)

WandaWoman said...

Oh, the corntastic is so pretty. That will be a lovely blanket.

I didn't even see the cable needle ring, that's pretty awesome. I hardly ever cable anything, so it wouldn't be work for me, but it's a pretty ring. It might be worth it just for the jewelry aspect of it! What girl can't use a little more bling, right? ;-)