Monday, April 07, 2014

Hand-me-down handknits

Have you ever wondered what happens to gift knits? 
Especially those you've made for babies, or young kiddos? 

My sister delighted me the other week when she sent me pictures of my youngest nephew - Alfie - wearing a sweater that I'd originally made for his big brother, probably about 8 years ago now. 

hand me down front

I had no idea that she had tucked this away for safe keeping.  Knowing that both my lovely nephews have been able to get good use out of it makes me so very happy.  (And check out that mischevious little face... that also makes me beam from ear to ear!)

Hand me down back

Looks like the yarn has stood up to the test of time (which is cool considering that so many of my woolly sweaters can look pilled after a while).  It was a heathered alpaca yarn from knitpicks.

iron man

It cracks me up that the boys have their own take on modelling this.  Alfie was channelling his inner super hero in this last shot.  I dug out the earlier pics of Charlie wearing the same sweater...  and look at that face... so angelic, it's like butter wouldn't melt! :o))))

Pumpkin front

I remember that when I asked Charlie to show me the back so I could take a picture, this was the pose he gave me.  Kids can be so funny!

Pumpkin back

Love these handsome little guys.  Doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that Alfie was born... here's the pair of them when Alfie was only a couple of days old... just 2 and a half years ago!


Wishing you a fabulous week,
Sam xxxx


Ginx Craft said...

What a lovely sweater, and cute photos. I can remember knitting a sweater with a hood for one of my nephews many years ago, mainly because the hood took much more knitting that I had imagined.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

The sweater is so cute and so are those adorable boys!

Nicky said...

Lovely sweater and I love how much the boys enjoy it. They are too adorable!